My experience with Kamal sir is worth mentioning as it is based on his nature which is pure. His approach to yoga itself brings positive energy into all of us and enables us to lead successful and healthy lives.

Moreover, I have achieved the above by working with Kamal sir as he is experienced, jovial and has the tact of teaching yoga in a beautiful manner. This helps students grasp the technique and practice it sincerely to achieve the best of energy and mental peace. I want to continue yoga and get stronger in mind, body and soul.

- With Best Regards

Energizer Yoga...its very difficult for me to express in words that how do I feel about it...It is something, which provides me motivation to get up early at 5.30 AM in morning, take a bath and spend 1 hour in a day completely with my self being...which provides the way to energize my whole body. And more importantly guide me to direct energy of my own towards more creative things...which provides me the full awareness of my breath, my muscles, the way I walk and stand, the way I respond to others, my thought process and my perception to take things.

It not just provides me the way to remain physically fit, but makes me mentally strong. Every day I feel that I have to do same Surya namaskara and tend to feel bored before starting the same as I believe that I know it already and there is nothing interesting or new.

But each day Kamal sir, it's you who has been able to identify and make me aware that there is something I need to know more about myself, some more body parts I should be able to connect with. Although, we have done 108 Surya namaskars 3 times and doing 10 to 40 surya namaskars daily it is still far away from perfection. This has enhanced my mental stamina and patience as I can always envision some new challenges while doing the same asanas. With this I am able to connect better with my daily life, that whatever and wherever we do anything there are ample amount of challenges from which one has to learn and grow further.

You have changed my complete perception towards Yoga. Previously, for me Yoga was to attain the perfection of physical postures or pranayams or sitting in one position for meditation. But, now I believe that Yoga is the true way to live life with all the senses. Strength with Flexibility & Discipline with Freedom is something I have learnt here.

It's amazing to work slowly and gradually with one's own body parts, Your mentoring is AWESOME. Long knowledgeable chats with you have now become the guidelines.

Now after 2 years of continuous practice, I have to leave Somajiguda. I would like to say one thing that I never felt so much disappointed when I had to leave college or had to leave Delhi for Microsoft. But this time I was extremely disappointed while leaving Somajiguda and Energizer Yoga class.

Now being your student I am able to overcome the fear of getting disconnected with Yoga even after leaving the classes as we will keep connecting in future sessions organized by Energizer Yoga :)...I will give my best to take the learning of past two years to next level...

- Always your disciple
Gunjan Sarda
Software Design Engineer, Microsoft

I have been practicing yoga for a couple of years now with various trainers. However I have not seen any one with such deep interest, knowledge and passion for Yoga.

During the first few classes, Kamal read out from the Yoga sutra refering to the approach one should take towards yoga, that realy set the context for the holistic practice of yoga and has made a very big difference in my life.

I am so happy to be coached by Kamal its a blessing. Thank you for showing me the way Kamal!

Vanit Kumar
CEO, JIVA InfoTech.

For the past two years I have been attending yoga classes with Kamal whenever I visit Hyderabad. From the beginning he has been welcoming and there is a unique energy in that morning class on the terrace....his evening classes are good too....I am just partial to the open air terrace in the early mornings. Kamal is knowledgeable in a variety of yoga schools and I find that he keeps himself updated, attending workshops, yoga training and the Asia yoga conference I like his style of teaching including pranayama, warm up stretches and taking us on this incredible journey of suryanamaskars and asanas. He is easily approachable, always interacting with the students. Kamal's dedication to yoga is the kind of quality one would look for in a yoga teacher. I can see he is constantly working on improving his own practice and as a consequence that of his students. I am amazed at why more people in Somajiguda/Hyderabad don't take advantage of this gift of a teacher!

Prasuna Rao

When yoga classes are being held every few hundred yards, why do I go to one 2 km away, with the added hassle of bargaining with autowallahs? (I don’t drive) Because I cannot go to a ‘regular’ class any more.

Energizer yoga (mind you, it drains you first) is actually a small, exclusive group of people of various ages and occupations. The mother and schoolgirl daughter who prefer different timings, the elderly lady who finds even walking painful but is helped by yoga, the IT entrepreneur who abandons his Bluetooth to do headstands, the young mothers whose attendance depends on the availability of babysitters at home, the fitness die-hard who squeezes in yoga time into hectic 17-18 hour days…

For me, Energizer Yoga is in its own class. The teacher, Kamal, is a cool guy, who has quickly become a friend. He is very centred and non-judgmental. Maybe his classes do not follow a set pattern because he is a creative adman at heart and knows how to keep things interesting and us motivated. After regular pranayams and Suryanamaskar, each muscle and body part has its day — each day’s asanas focus on one area. He pushes us gently, cautioning, “Do as much as you can,” knowing the limitations of our rusty muscles and limbs. The key part, of course, is his in-depth knowledge of the philosophy and tradition of yoga — each asana and techniques of breathing. Every question is answered confidently. A true guru, his classes are not just about the body — understanding the heritage of yoga is also a key part of the learning. The classes are perhaps the only time for most of us, where a different kind of conversation flows...transcending the physical, learning about mental strength, right and wrong, dealing with modern stress and how to maintain mental equilibrium.

So why would I go to any other class?

sarika jain-antony
Consultant, Corporate Communications
Care Hospitals

Kamal's Energizer Yoga totally lives up to its name .... the yoga sessions with Kamal not only energize the body but also the mind!! Within 2-3 sessions I started feeling a lot more positive mentally and ofcourse physically more flexible and fitter. Kamal understands the student and personalises his sessions accordingly and that I feel is the most special aspect of learning yoga with him. His love and dedication towards the practice rubs off on you and over time you too start loving the practice of yoga. Kamal was my mentor and guide even for pre-natal yoga and the exercises were simple yet highly effective during my pregnancy. I would highly recommend Kamal's Energizer yoga to everyone!!!

Deepti Sethi
Sr. Executive HR
Cognizant Technology Solutions

On a friend's recommendation, I went to Kamal sir's yoga class in 2008 to take a trial session in yoga. The classes and methodology of teaching were so wonderful that I could not leave his classes. I have not bothered to try other yoga studios till today. Some of the reasons that have kept me hooked to his classes are personal attention, focus on health and well being and not just weight loss, diversity in postures taught each day in the class and above all his gentle and warm nature.

Sir gives customized attention to each student in the class. What impresses me the most is that at the onset of class he enquires about any illness that a student suffers from. He remembers each student's capacity to get into a posture on the basis of initial clarifications and perpetual observation and accordingly assists them. The focus of his class has never been just weight loss. He has always motivated students to gain holistic well being from the yoga session such that it benefits them in long term and not just for a short span of time. That is why, his each class is amalgam of pranayams, stretch exercises, basic yoga and complex postures towards the end. He understands the physical mechanics of the body and gently elicits the best of a student in each posture. His warm yet professional nature and method of teaching forces one to treat him more as a friend and a guru rather than a disciplinarian.

I have gained flexibility, strength, and insight with each of his sessions so far. My experience and learning from his classes has been immensely beneficial for my overall well being. I have been recommending many of my colleagues and friends to join his classes and would advise the same to you.

Senior Financial Analyst
D. E. Shaw India

I wish to tell you how much I love yoga sessions with you and why I look forward to the class.

I started attending your class from Nov 5th 2009. I had heel pain and also tennis elbow pain on my left arm for which the doctor said there is no cure!

I feel like a changed person now. Mentally I am livelier and care free. Physically the heel pain and other pains have vanished. I have attended a few other yoga sessions while I was in Jaipur. But You methodology has been very different from all the others. You explain in great detail how each pose/asana should be in order to get the full benefit. You also taught us that yoga is way of life and not just few physical exercises.

I can never thank you enough for all. Thank you sir for the ever energizing Yoga sessions.


I would like to place on record my gratitude to u for giving me such a wonderful learning experience.

Your systematic teaching technique is also commendable. Your dedication & sincerity towards the class is worth mentioning.

Personally, yoga practice has resulted in a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me. I have discovered that regular practice of yoga also helps me to deal with stress much better, and has enabled me to concentrate better and focus.


I found the Energizer yoga program extremely beneficial.It has changed my way of thinking, handling pressures, habits and health aspects.

As the name says “Energizer yoga” it's really an energizer for me which keeps me running healthy and happy for the whole day.

As a whole it has taught me to learn the art of living healthy.


Yoga at the Terrace of Palm Grove Apartment is not only a learning and fitness session but also a session wherein one feels he/she is breathing for the first time fresh air as never before.

The asans are not just taught so that the session covers all the different types of asans but the importance of each asan, the necessity of performing it along with the benefits and its side effects if any are never missed to be explained.

Every day session is a unique session with a combination of exercises as per demands and as per necessity but no skipping pranaayaam please! Well one cannot afford to breath in a way better than at Kamal Sir's yoga sessions.

Now coming to the mentor, I guess its hard to describe the commitment of Kamal sir in a word or too but yes I would definitely say that his patience and commitment towards his students is commendable and immense. He takes a session even if only and only one student turns up daily, which is hard to find in any commercial yoga classes.

I have been associated with Yoga since last 4 years and with Kamal sir since the last 3 years. The experience with Yoga as well as with Kamal sir is really to be cherished. The yoga sessions, the personal touch, counselling, mentoring and above all sessions to detox the body is a thrilling experience. I skipped yoga for more than 2 years as I was not finding a proper mentor, but now that I have Kamal Sir with me I don't think I will ever go to any commercial yoga session as long as I am in hyderabad.

Manager (Trade Accounting & Financial Operations)
D. E. Shaw India

Kamal's E yoga is a game changer & life enhancer. Not only does it relax one but also defines one's attitude. Personally I have benefitted from EY in multifarious ways. In today's troubled times an hour of EY keeps a lot of ills away & gives one a lot more resilience to take life as it comes & enjoy the beauty in everything.


I have been learning Yoga under you since past 5 months. The yoga you practise is the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance. The way you teach, is such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, I hardly realize how hard I am working. This is by far the best Yoga class I have attended.

You guide every step of the way and each class I feel I am stronger and able to work harder than the last. I could certainly feel the difference in my body and mind after a session. It is truly incredible how something so soothing as yoga practice can tone and strengthen your body, especially in places most other forms of exercise neglect. I suffered from Lower back and cervical (neck) pain, and yoga has done more for me than anti-inflamatories or pain killers have ever done. I liked it and benefited from it. Within a couple of classes my back pain reduced drastically and now I am almost pain free. I am able to pass through stressful days without pain. My overall heath also improved. I benefited immensely out of these yoga classes and all the credit goes to you,Sir. I am able to do asanas which I never believed I would be able to do with my body. I have better posture, more energy, more relaxed, I am moving better. I look forward to take more classes from you to become more physically fit.

Sir, I wanted to let you know that your yoga-class is a wonderful and very special experience. You are an incredible teacher - full of wisdom & inspiration who deeply cares for your students.

Thank you

About a year back I suffered a back injury while doing fast stand-and-touch-the-toe stretches. After a short break to help my hurting back, I started practicing stretches again. The same shot of pain but while sitting-and-touching-the-toe just put a stop to any form of exercise or lifting stuff for over 4 months.

Fast forward to now and I am beginning to understand what bending from the hip means. Sitting on the sit bone and standing with the abdomen sucked-in are all helping in healing the now-diagnosed sciatica problem. And all of that thanks to guidance from Kamal Maliramani (Yoga Teacher).

For a few months Kamal and a few other friends got me started on specific stretches that help with sciatica. Then in Jan 2013, I got the chance to attend 6 of Kamal's daily hour long yoga sessions. And now, I have hope of full recovery.

Breathing with the stretch (Asana) and doing the stretch at breathing pace felt relieving and energizing at the same time. I felt my chest opening up with the way he made me do Surya Namaskar. He taught me to bend forward and touch my toes with bent knees but with focus on the hip joint and the stretch on the thighs. That along with the standing stretches (variations of Trikona Asana) with a similar focus, is removing stress away from the sciatic nerve.

With regular practice for the last 2 weeks I feel my lumber region strengthened. I have regained confidence in lifting buckets for watering plants, something I had been extra careful and tentative about for the whole of last year.

It feels great. Thanks man !!